We are so pleased to annouce a very new bespoke service available here at Oliver's Bridal & Formalwear. Hertfordshire Heirlooms is a brand new service where you can bring something very special to your big day.  Do you have a family member whose clothing has special meaning that you could repurpose?  

Below is a few examples of garments that have been carefully taken to pieces and lovingly craft into a waistcoat and cap perfect your wedding day.

Waistcoat & cap
Vintage Tweed Jacket
Do you have a piece of clothing, maybe an heirloom from someone special that you would like to create something to wear from on your big day?
Process of reworking
Vintage Tweed Waistcoat & Bakerboy cap
An example of a bespoke waistcoat and matching Bakerboy cap created from a vintage jacket
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