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5 Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

wedding dress shopping tips

Purchasing a wedding dress is an exciting chapter in your journey to the big day!

However, amidst the excitement lies a need for preparation and foresight.

It's wise to anticipate and understand what this process entails - from timing considerations to on-the-day expectations.

The quest for the perfect wedding dress demands careful contemplation and planning for the smoothest shopping experience.

So, let's delve deeper into your exciting journey with our 5 top tips for wedding dress shopping.

1. Be Ready For The “Yes” Moment

That "YES" moment can come unexpectedly, so you need to be prepared to seize it, as it rarely comes twice! It could be that first shop and first dress you try!

Avoid the heartache of missing out on your dream dress by setting a budget and being open to the possibility of making a purchase should the perfect dress unveil itself.

Even if you're initially browsing, having a rough idea of what you can commit to ensures you're ready for that magical moment if it strikes.

2. Research Bridal Boutiques

It’s a worthwhile to research the boutiques you plan to visit.

Our advice is to compile a list of local stores you’d like to try, and taking into account some recommended stores potentially further afield. Ask your married friends where they found their dress for examples of shops you could try!

Understanding whether a shop offers dresses that suit your style, fit your body type, and align with your budget is essential. The last thing you want to do is make the journey to a store which doesn’t suit your requirements at all!

Always check the store reviews to gain insight into other Brides’ experience, and ensure the expertise of the shop’s consultants. Making sure you're comfortable entrusting the shop owners and their consultants with this significant decision is paramount.

3. Bring The Right People To Your Wedding Dress Appointment

Your entourage doesn’t need to be extensive, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to bring everyone to your appointment as it can sometimes add unnecessary stress. As we say to brides there’s other appointments you’ll have after ‘Saying Yes to the Dress’ you can include others. If you have anxiety surrounding the wedding dress appointment and fear making choices in regards to your party, we’ve advised on how to navigate this in the following blog: How To Handle Wedding Dress Shopping Anxiety.

Invite those whose opinions you truly value and whose presence provides genuine support. Choose individuals close to you, not just for their fashion advice but also for the emotional support they offer during this moment. After all, finding your perfect dress is a moment you never want to forget, so it’s important to have the right people there to witness this moment! Plus think about the moment people see you on your big day, it’s great to keep them guessing about what style of dress you chose!

4. Be Conscious Of Time

Allocate ample time for the dress selection process and alterations.

Dresses can take up to 6 months to be delivered and another 2 months needed for the dress to be fitted beautifully, so grant yourself a sensible timeline to shop and make the decision. This way, you won’t have to stress about whether the dress will be ready for the big day as this will all be sorted within the timeline you’ve set. That said, shops can accommodate shorter timescales but your choices could be limited, maybe what’s available off the peg or a delivery close to your wedding that can get stressful and that’s the last thing you want to feel.

5. Don’t be Afraid To Try New Styles

While you might enter with a specific vision, you should have fun with the shopping experience and try on a range of styles to find your perfect look.

Your style preferences might evolve and you might discover an unexpected love for a sparkle. despite initially seeking something much more plain and understated.

Approach this once-in-a-lifetime experience with a blend of readiness, research, selectiveness, patience, and openness.

May your wedding dress shopping venture be a cherished part of your beautiful journey toward the most special day of your life!

About Oliver’s Bridal and Formalwear

Oliver's Bridal and Formalwear has been serving brides for over 19 years.

Our Bridal shop is located in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire - close to areas such as Essex and North London and we’ve served many happy Brides within these areas.

We're an award-winning business that treats our Brides with the utmost care - with glowing 5* reviews across Facebook and Google!

As an independent store, we provide that personal touch that makes your dress-shopping experience feel extra special.

Book your appointment with us now - we can’t wait to help you find the dress of your dreams!

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