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When to buy your wedding dress

Buying a wedding dress is one of the most exciting parts of the big day. However, knowing exactly when to buy your dream gown, on top of all the other milestones in wedding planning, is a question that can leave even the most organised bride in a tizzy.

Fear not, brides-to-be! Oliver's Bridal is here to help you know the best time to get your wedding dress, so that you find "the one".

1. When to Wedding Dress Shop:

Every bride is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this. Your ideal shopping window depends on several factors, like your wedding timeline, dressmaker lead times, and even personal preference. 

A good rule of thumb is to start browsing 10-18 months before your big day. This gives you ample time to explore styles, fit in alterations, and avoid last-minute stress. Remember, some bespoke designers can take up to 6 months to craft your dream dress, so plan accordingly!

2. When Do Wedding Dresses Go on Sale UK:

Many boutiques hold sample sales throughout the year, offering ex-display or slightly used gowns at significantly reduced prices. These commonly go on sale around January, June, and August.

Retailers often need to clear out older stock with enticing discounts when new collections arrive. So it’s also a good idea to take note for deals in late summer and early winter.

At Oliver’s Bridal, our sale is still ongoing with fabulous gowns under £1,000! If you’re interested in a gorgeous gown at an excellent price, check out our sale here

3. When to Buy a Wedding Dress if Losing Weight:

Many brides do not want to shop if they’re not at the weight they want to be. You might have just had a baby or hope to drop a few dress sizes.  However you also do not want to leave shopping for your dress to the point your options are limited.  It’s worth pointing out that the construction in wedding dresses is different from what you wear day to day so although you might be at your ideal weight you’ll be surprised how many of the dresses due their construction make you feel and look amazing! This is a great way to relieve the pressure of time and of losing weight; if you do lose more that’s great but if you do not you know you’re going to feel incredible in your chosen dress!

4. How to Buy a Wedding Dress:

It’s a great idea to explore the local Bridal shops to get started.  Finding your dress locally can make it easier if you choose to use their fitting service or recommended dress fitters as you’ll  need to allow time to visit a few times. 

Definitely do your research, and take note of stores with good recommendations that are worth venturing further afield for. Similarly, if a shop has a specific designer that tickles your fancy, then it’s worth finding a shop that stocks what you like! 

Keeping an open mind as to style, until you try on your dresses, what you think you want might not be what suits you.Many a time we have brides tell us about their dress ‘I never thought I would choose a dress like this’  

Once armed with our timing tips, book your appointment and let the quest to finding your dream dress begin! 

5. Tips When Buying a Wedding Dress:

Shop when ready: Be ready to say ‘yes’  

Bring your entourage: Choose only supportive friends or family who will celebrate your every twirl. 

Be open-minded: Don't get stuck on one style. Try something unexpected, you might be surprised!

Listen to your gut: Ultimately, the dress that makes you feel like a radiant goddess is the one.

Budget wisely: Set a realistic budget. 

Enjoy the process: Wedding dress shopping is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Savor the moment and have fun!

Finding your dream wedding dress is an adventure filled with anticipation and joy. With the right timing, savvy shopping skills, and a sprinkle of Oliver's Bridal magic, you'll glide down the aisle feeling like the most beautiful version of yourself. So, take a deep breath, embrace the journey, and let your fairytale begin!

About Oliver’s Bridal and Formalwear

Oliver's Bridal and Formalwear has been serving brides for over 19 years.

Our Bridal shop is located in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire - close to areas such as Essex and North London and we’ve served many happy Brides within these areas.

We're an award-winning business that treats our Brides with the utmost care - with glowing 5* reviews across Facebook and Google!

As an independent store, we provide that personal touch that makes your dress-shopping experience feel extra special.

Book your appointment with us now - we can’t wait to help you find the dress of your dreams!

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