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How To Find The Best Wedding Suit

mens tuxedo at wedding venue

Finding the ideal wedding suit should be enjoyable, but it's not without its challenges. The vast array of suit options, ranging from different styles to colour variations, can leave you pondering questions like, "Is this suit right for the wedding's theme or dress code?"

All these doubts and questions can make choosing a suit more tricky than anticipated.

What to wear to a wedding uk male?

In the context of British tradition, most weddings tend to lean towards formality, if not semi-formal, where male attendees typically don dark suits in colours such as black, navy, or dark grey, complemented by a tie.

In more formal, black-tie affairs, the expectation often shifts to guests wearing a tuxedo or dinner suit, complete with a black bow tie.

Grooms and their male guests often grapple with the dilemma of what to wear to a wedding, not due to indifference but rather due to a keen desire to make the right choice.

Surprisingly, a study reveals that the average man experiences around five significant "panic moments" while planning his wedding, and 59% of men don't make the decision on their attire alone.

So, for all the grooms and male guests out there, fret not, for we've got you covered with our comprehensive guide. We've addressed all your questions below and provide you with some of the finest suit selections for the years 2023/2024.

Should a man wear a suit to a wedding?

For male guests: It will depend on the couple's wedding theme. However, it's likely safe to say you'll be expected to wear a suit. How formal the suit should be will again depend on the wedding theme, dress code and potentially the season the wedding is hosted in. Your best bet is to enquire with the Bride and Groom themselves to clarify the dress code.

If you can't check with the Bride and Groom in time, check with a few of the guests attending what they plan to wear and follow suit (pun intended).

If it's totally last minute and you just need to get a suit and go, our personal suggestion is to opt for a dark 2 piece. It's a classic staple of any man's suit collection and dark colours typically make a suit feel more formal while also providing a slimming silhouette.

For the Groom: It's your big moment, as you're the Groom, you could wear jeans and trainers if you wanted! However, your fiancé might have something to say about it! Jokes aside, it's traditional for the Groom to wear formal attire to their wedding.

There's a variety of suit types and variations you may be interested in which we've outlined below:

Mens Wedding Suit type infographic

Tuxedo/Dinner Suit: Perfect for more formal affairs and are usually paired with a bow tie, waist coat and individual blazers may feature silk or velvet lapels.

Tailcoats: A formal knee-height jacket that is perfect for weddings.

2 piece and 3 piece suits: The modern classic suit; a versatile option that can be styled to look formal or semi-formal. A 3 piece features a waistcoat where as a 2 piece forgoes the waistcoat.

Highland / Kilts: Wedding kilts are a popular choice for a Groom and his Groomsmen at Scottish weddings. However, if you're looking for an alternative to a traditional suit, there's no rule that you have to be of Scottish heritage to wear a kilt to a wedding. If you're a guest at a traditional wedding, it may be wise to check with the Bride and Groom if they're happy for you to attend wearing a wedding kilt, though wedding kilts are often acceptable at both formal and semi-formal weddings.

What colour suit should I wear to a wedding?

For Tuxedos/ Dinner Suit: Black or midnight blue is the perfect choice for a tuxedo. Dark colours are slimming and will exude your figure to give you a sharp silhouette.

Beautiful Black and Midnight Blue Tuxedo

For A 2 Piece or 3 Piece Suit: With this type of suit, there’s a lot of colour options though some of the more popular choices include grey, charcoal, blue and black.

Light and dark grey 3 piece suits have a lot of versatility. Styled right, the suit can feel formal during the day with a waistcoat, paired with a dark blue tie, pocket square or corsage. Come the evening, you can dress it down by ditching the tie and waistcoat so you can hit the dancefloor and let the champagne flow!

2 piece and 3 piece suits at Oliver's Bridal

Pro-tip: Go lighter for more casual weddings and darker for more formal weddings! Charcoal, blacks and dark blues make for fantastic Autumn/Winter suits, adding a certain formality and seriousness. Light greys and cool blues are perfect for Spring/Summer.

For Tailcoats: If the groom is wearing a tailcoat, the best man and groomsmen are typically expected to wear tailcoats. They’ll typically wear whatever colour the groom is wearing and the most popular colour choices for tailcoats are navy, black or grey. Any of these colours look fabulous on tailcoats.

3 Tailcoats in different colour variations

How much is suit hire for a wedding?

Wedding suit hire is straightforward and cost effective with Oliver’s Bridal and Formalwear.

We’ve got relationships with two fabulous reputable suit hire companies who have been in the industry for years so you can be rest assured your order is in safe hands.

We’ve partnered with Cameron Ross who are the ideal online service covering the whole of the UK, with your suits delivered to your door! If cost is important then you can hire a 2 piece from a very reasonable £57.00, 3 pieces from £80.00 and Tuxedos from £80.00.

Use our code: OLIVERSTEN for 10% off at checkout with Cameron Ross.

If you prefer a local option with amazing service then Mr Mackys is the place for you. Mr Mackys carries all their suits on their premises, so you have an array of suits to try in all sizes for you and your party. They offer a stellar package from £175.00, which includes Tailored Jacket Lounge or Tailcoat, their unique shirt with covered buttons, an elasticated top button and fake double cuffs, waistcoat of your choice, trousers flat fronts, pleated and tapered, cufflinks, cavat / tie / bow tie, and matching pocket square.

When should you get a wedding suit?

In our view it is never too early, but general advice is to start 6-12 months before, especially if your wedding is on a busy bank holiday or during the summer months. This timeframe ensures the suit hire company allocates the stock and ensures you get the exact suit and fit you want.

Why Oliver’s Bridal and Formalwear for suit hire?

We take the hassle out of suit buying for a wedding by giving you two convenient ways to hire a suit.

If you prefer to find your suit in-store, then our partner Mr Mackys can accommodate you and your wedding team.

If you're looking for a convenient online option, Cameron Ross features a stunning range of wedding suits. Simply put in your sizes and you can have the suit sent directly to you at home.

About us:

Oliver's Bridal and Formalwear has been serving customers for over 19 years.

Our shop is located in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire - close to areas such as Essex and North London and we’ve served many happy Brides within these areas.

We're an award-winning business that treats our customers with the utmost care - with glowing 5* reviews across Facebook and Google!

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