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Tips on how to look after your wedding dress before your wedding day

Updated: Jul 4

When you collect your wedding dress it will be in a breathable white bag so it will be hidden from prying eyes!

But what should you do between collecting your dress and your actual wedding day? Ideally whether at home or maybe you have someone with space; try to hang your dress somewhere high such as a wardrobe door or a curtain rail (but don't leave the dress in sunlight). If it's somewhere safe then open the bag by keeping a finger between the dress and zip so it does not catch, unloop your train loop and leaving the front of dress protected in the bag let down the train of your dress. Leaving your wedding dress with the train down helps drop out any creases.

However if you need to keep the dress in its bag do not worry.

What should I do if the creases in my wedding dress do not drop out?

Some fabrics do not crease as much as others, the 3 best fabrics for a wedding dress to not crease are

  1. Crepe. .

  2. Lace is a superb fabric for hiding creases.

  3. Tulle is a superstar when it comes to preventing creases.

But if your dress does crease whilst you've had it in the dress bag, do not worry we have a couple of helpful tips.

  1. A handheld steamer is a great way to have your dress looking perfect on your big day. Check out our video showing you how to steam your wedding dress with a handheld steamer

  • Another tip you can hang your dress in the bathroom while a hot shower is running. Just be careful that your wedding dress is hung away from the shower, so it doesn’t get wet!


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