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Need help finding your wedding dress?

With so much choice it can get overwhelming 😩. How do you make a decision? What happens if you are really stuck between dresses and feeling confused 🤷‍♀️

As we say to all of our brides every wedding dress is beautiful, every wedding dress is one brides wedding dress.

So here’s some helpful tips…

Firstly get into your own headspace, switch off all the noise from others. This has to be about what YOU want! You want to feel confident wearing your dress on your wedding day

Go back to your vision and think about these important things

Does this wedding dress make you feel like you? Is it what you saw in your vision?

Sometimes it isn’t but if you choose a wedding dress that makes you feel like you are being true to who you are and it’s what YOU want then go with it.

Imagine looking back on your wedding photos in 5 years time, what are you wearing?

If you were to get married tomorrow?

Which dress excites you the most, which gives you that little bit more excitement than the other?

And one will… then all you just need to do is trust in your own instincts! #sayyestothedress

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